What the waters revealed by jim

History[ edit ] The business was started by James Jim Logan Waters as Waters Associates in an office in the basement of a police station in Framingham, Massachusettsin After stints as a university math teacher, Naval officer, project engineer, and entrepreneur, Waters formed Waters Associates in During these years, Waters Associates was what is now referred to as a research boutique.

What the waters revealed by jim

Summary Download What the Waters Revealed overview as a PDF In the wake of Hurricane Katrinaand then Hurricane RitaAmericans had their eyes opened through the images on TV, and the stories in the newspapers, on the horrible living conditions that many American citizens had prior to, and after, these hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast, specifically New Orleans.

What the floodwaters did reveal was that in New Orleans, and the GulfCoast in general, poverty in the United States is still connected to race.

The city of New Orleans had an overall poverty rating of 28 percent with 84 percent of those people being African-American. Further, studies showed that over half of all the children of New Orleans live below the poverty line as well. Wallis, and others, hope that these hurricanes will ignite conversation, and political and social change so that the almost one-third of the U.

Wallis quoted John Barry author of Rising Tide: First comes the rainstorm, and then comes the human storm.


How are the inequalities in education, jobs, health care and housing connected with the aftermath of the hurricanes? How are the problems like a lack of infrastructure levees, for example and global warming tied to natural disasters like hurricanes?

Why are the elderly, children and the poor always the most affected by these events? Implications Contact your denominational headquarters and find out what your church or youth group can do to partner with a church or youth group in the GulfCoast region to help them rebuild and to tackle these issues associated with racial injustice and poverty.

Then write them a letter or call their office and encourage them to take a stronger stand on poverty in America. Go on a short-term service trip for a week, or encourage your students to do an eight week internship, with Voice of Calvary Ministries in Jackson, MS.

What the waters revealed by jim

This organization was started by the committed Christian, Dr. John Perkins, and students will learn about issues like racial reconciliation, redistribution of goods and relocation to the city.This page is now closed to new comments.

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Waters Corporation is a publicly traded Analytical Laboratory instrument and software company headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts. (Jim) Logan Waters as Waters Associates in an office in the basement of a police station in . What the waters have revealed. by.

What the waters revealed by jim

02 November Jim Wallis is the author of God's Politics: Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn't get it and editor of Sojourners magazine. This article first appeared at . By Jim Waters Contributing columnist The animosity shown by certain groups within the public-education sector toward Gov.

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Matt Bevin and the legislature’s Republicans regarding their efforts at. What the Waters Revealed covers an important problem faced by many Americans. Jim Wallis uses his argument to address a need for change in America.

The issues that Hurricane Katrina brought forward left Americans in shock.

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