Read write access ubuntu from live cd

With Ubuntu you can use any of the preloaded programs while transferring files or doing other useful stuff. If you want an official hardware diagnosis on a Dell, use the Dell diagnostics instead. Ubuntu doesn't have Norton Ghost for reimaging computers.

Read write access ubuntu from live cd

I m a windows user n a imp windows file crashed. I wanna fix it by accessing the folder from Ubuntu live mounted in a pen drive. However i see the windows folder empty.

How do i view my windows folder? If i should install samba,do gimme a link Seb71 November 8th, You have read-write access. Mark Phelps November 9th, The actual files are stored under C: Also, booting from an Ubuntu LiveCD also gives you read-write access to the Windows partitions by default.

All i would want is to be able to access the windows folder. Also my hard disk has only one partition where windows is installed. So i dont think i will be able to install ubuntu coz i dont want to format my hard disk.

Can u tell me what information do you guys need to further assist me in solving this problem?? However i can borrow a usb cd drive from my friends if needed.

I m have mounted ubuntu 11 on a pen drive. I m sure u guys will need much more than this Also can i install knoppix on Ubuntu live?? Basically i have a hal.

So hopefully copying and pasting a new file on the existing one wil fix the prob. I want to create a new partition and install ubuntu in the new partition with no loss of data. I would like to create a new partition with the free space available.

Wat are the options or procedures to chose?? Mark Phelps December 3rd, If you decide to go ahead with dual-boot, then do the following: Do NOT use the Ubuntu installer to do this. If you already have 4 partitions in Win7, do NOT allow the partitioner to create another partition. This will convert your partitions into Dynamic Disks -- effectively preventing the installation of Ubuntu and causing you further problems.

This will come in handy later, should you need to repair your Win7 boot loader from the dual boot setup. My hard disk has no partition but it does free space upto 70GB.

The problem I am facing is that I do not know the procedure to create a new hard disk partition using Ubuntu installation. I am unable to access the hard disk through Windows xp so please guide me in your procedure using Ubuntu only P.

S its mounted on pen drive. I would be grateful if you could give me a step by step link to create a new partition on the empty space and install Ubuntu 11 GrouchyGaijin January 1st, I would be grateful if you could give me a step by step link to create a new partition on the empty space and install Ubuntu 11 Did you make a live USB drive?

How are you going to put Ubuntu on the netbook? You should then be able to choose to use the existing free space for the Ubuntu install.

Mark Phelps January 1st, Sorry to hear that.

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Windows must have at least ONE partition in order to be installed and run.If you're having issues, on the CD just load a root instance of nautilus (Alt+F2, gksu nautilus) and carry on.

If your filesystem has suffered some damage it might be mounting in read-only mode. If you're trying to move things, this won't work. The hard drive is mounted as read/write from the ubuntu live cd/usb. The disk is mounted when you click on the drive icon on the GUI, or issue a mount command in the terminal.

The only thing is that you have to use sudo to issue command to write to the disk.

read write access ubuntu from live cd

Using an Ubuntu Live CD to Read/Copy Files (from any OS drive) Introduction and File Downloads. Note: you have access to many powerful utility programs such as dd and hexdump for viewing and copying the raw bytes of any storage media.

You can write . Jan 01,  · Also, booting from an Ubuntu LiveCD also gives you read-write access to the Windows partitions by default. If you're really planning on "fixing" your Windows problems by booting into a Linux CD, then you need to tell us A LOT more about what you intend to do.

read write access ubuntu from live cd

About SystemRescueCd. Description: SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the hard disk partitions.

Ntfs3g: enables read. I'm using the newest Ubuntu live CD to restore my Windows partition.

Mount NTFS Windows partition on Ubuntu live CD - Super User If you want to carry a LiveCD around with you, a persistent image lets you customise your live session. If you want to use Ubuntu on a computer for a few weeks or months, Wubi lets you install Ubuntu inside Windows.

After booting my PC from the live CD I have access to the internet and so on but I cant see the NTFS drive. What should I do to.

Ubuntu :: Mount CDROM With Read / Write Permissions?