My high school expirience

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My high school expirience

But in a world were everything coming from the heart is misconstrued as some form of posturing, I was frankly afraid to do so.

Also, writing that kind of stuff is not what bloggers do, much less so those who try to run a halfway credible blog. And yet, every time I got a kind email, a letter or even a gift, I felt that I have to write this.

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God knows I am opening myself up for even more misrepresentations as usual, but I think it is well worth it. So I dedicate this post to that one soul. Introduction My life has been one of ups and downs.

Early on, after a pretty nasty childhood, it went up, rather rapidly. Then I found out about two things which got me blacklisted in my own, putatively democratic, country: I found out that a group of people had uselessly been murdered as a result of the criminal incompetence of their superiors and I found out that one guy had taken a long jail sentence while all this superiors had managed to walk away from a crime they all had committed.

And even though I never went public, or even told my closest friends about it to protect themI was blacklisted and prevented from ever working again.

In those dark days my wonderful wife was always trying to tell me that it was not my fault, that I had never done anything wrong, that I was paying the price for being a person of integrity and that I had proven many times over how good I was in my field.

I wish somebody would use a Photoshop-like software to create that pic.

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What I have found out since, is that our planet is covered with deserts and that there are many, many submarines in them, all yearning for the vastness of an ocean. Modest beginnings at first I came to the USA in with only one desire: More than anything else, I needed time to recover, to lick my wounds and to spend time with the only people who had stood by my without every doubting me: The French have a very good saying: This is what happened to me.

While in I had promised myself to never analyze anything more complicated that a fiction book, by I suddenly decided to start a blog. You can still parse the archives of or and you will see that I really was making no efforts to reach anybody, make a difference or become popular.

A short and ill-fated contact with Antiwar. My choice of topics did not help.

My high school expirience

By I was an unrepentant Hezbollah-groupie and Nasrallah fanboy and most of the blog dealt with the Middle-East.

The other topic was Russia, simply because this was the country my family came from and which I had professionally analyzed for years.

While I was disgusted with the ignorance and hatefulness of Ukrainian nationalists, I did not care about the Ukraine: Sure, I kept an eye on events there, but to me this reminded me of Russia in — I was disgusted with all the actors and with the entire situation.

Besides, what could happen there which would be worthy of interest? And sure enough, life proved me wrong -: But less noticed what the fact that Russia sent a hastily assembled but capable naval task force to the Syrian coast.

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Not a task force big enough to fight the US Navy, but a task force capable of providing a full view of the skies over and beyond Syria to the Syrian military.

In other words, for the first time the US could not achieve a surprise attack on Syria, not with cruise missiles, not with airpower.

My high school expirience

Worse, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah embarked on a covert and overt program of material and technical assistance for Syria which ended up defeating the Wahabi insurgency.

So to teach Putin and those damn Russkies a good lesson, they blew up the Ukraine and, again, Putin did two things they had never expected and which they could never forgive: There was no doubt possible: For me and my blog, the consequence of this mega-crisis was immediate: From a unknown one man anonymous blog the Saker blog morphed into a global community, and that over less than one year.

The worse the situation in the Ukraine, the more readers I get, the calmer, the less. Not only was this completely unplanned, it even took me by surprise.

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