Dramatism in shes the man a chick flick film by kenneth burke

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Dramatism in shes the man a chick flick film by kenneth burke

As a female soccer player myself, I have watched, re-watched and constantly loved this film. It emits a strong sense of feminism that is quickly picked up by the viewer. It illuminates the ideology that women are just as strong and capable as men in the world of sports. The film opens on a scene dominated by Viola competitively playing soccer with her friends, portraying the extent of her abilities as a soccer player.

When the ball is successfully shot through the ring of the lifesaver, the camera focuses on Viola and her celebration of the accomplishment. The mise-en-scene of this shoot depicts a young woman who clearly has a passion and talent for soccer in ways that the others within the scene including the males do not.

This furthers the overarching ideology to deconstruct gender stereotypes that Fickman intends. However, the catalyst is quickly thrown into the mix, destroying life as she knows it.

The male coach, who is declaring that females are scientifically proven to be less athletic than males, is being literally surrounding by an offended group of female soccer players. This clear patronization instills an emotion of frustration and personal investment into anyone watching the film.

Investigating the power of media in our culture

This is culturally relevant to society today because although women have come a long way, there continue to be lingering biases defining gender roles. In this scene, Viola is surrounded by young women, like herself, that are all exemplifying the gender roles, while she is knowingly breaking them.

This scene hits home with me, and with most athletic women. And this ideology has plagued our lives. Without knowingly doing so, we have taken this societal definition and placed it upon ourselves.

However, by creating the character of Viola, Fickman commends these traits and produces a role model of a strong, independent, young woman who is not defined by these gender roles.

Thus indicating that the gender roles that are placed upon women are placed upon them by men and their expectations and desires. Unlike the typical image inflicted upon teenage boys, Duke portrays a male character that is interested in more than just boobs and the gym.

Although he attempts to conceal it, he has a sensitive side. In the macho world of the young male, sensitivity is synonymous with weakness and femininity. Therefore, the gender roles that define men restrict them from showing any form of emotion what-so-ever. Fickman attacks societal implications of gender roles from both sides of the spectrum.

Together, this lethal combination tears down the sustained ideology defining men and women within society. A classic uninvolved chick flick. However, at a closer look, the feature depicts a complex depiction of the societal gender roles placed upon women, as well as men today.

This seemingly simplistic film has had a personal impact upon me throughout my years of soccer and is a classic that has empowered all female soccer players for the duration of their careers.

Andy Fickman. Lauren Shuler-Donner and Ewan Leslie. By Ewan Leslie. Post navigation.Deconstructing Gender Stereotypes in She’s the Man (Final Draft) Published February 24, Thrown into the category “chick flick”, She’s the Man does not immediately appear to be a complex portrayal of the human experience within modern society.

The film opens on a scene dominated by Viola competitively playing soccer with her.

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She's the Man () Cast and Crew Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) is in a real jam. Complications threaten her scheme to pose as her twin brother, Sebastian, and take his place at a new boarding school.

Dresses" - Starring Katherine Heigl and Edward Burns is such a great movie, has all the important chick flick details. Shall we watch this the night before 27 Dresses Maybe its James Marsden, but I actually really like this movie.

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vs twelfth night Jordan Robb shes the man Shes the Man Viola is a soccer player. Her high school, Cornwall, cuts the girl's soccer team and prevents the .

Dramatism in shes the man a chick flick film by kenneth burke

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