December 2004 earhquake in northern sumatra

The spatial aftershocks distribution of the 26th December earthquake shows that the post-seismic motion is partitioned along two thrust faults, the Lower and Median Thrust Faults, the latter being right-laterally offset by a N—S lower plate fracture zone located along the Between February and Augustthe upper plate aftershock activity shifted from southeast of this fracture zone to northwest of it, suggesting that the lower plate left-lateral motion along the fracture zone may have induced a shift of the upper plate post-seismic activity along the Median Thrust Fault.

December 2004 earhquake in northern sumatra

Indian Ocean tsunami of Written By: The tsunami and its aftermath were responsible for immense destruction and loss on the rim of the Indian Ocean. On December 26,at 7: Over the next seven hours, a tsunami —a series of immense ocean waves—triggered by the quake reached out across the Indian Oceandevastating coastal areas as far away as East Africa.

Some locations reported that the waves had reached a height of 30 feet 9 metres or more when they hit the shoreline. The tsunami killed at leastpeople across a dozen countries, with IndonesiaSri LankaIndiaMaldivesand Thailand sustaining massive damage.

Tens of thousands were reported dead or missing in Sri Lanka and India, a large number of them from the Indian Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory. The low-lying island country of Maldives reported more than a hundred casualties and immense economic damage.

Several thousand non-Asian tourists vacationing in the region also were reported dead or missing.

M - off the west coast of northern Sumatra

The lack of food, clean water, and medical treatment—combined with the enormous task faced by relief workers trying to get supplies into some remote areas where roads had been destroyed or where civil war raged—extended the list of casualties.

Long-term environmental damage was severe as well, with villages, tourist resorts, farmland, and fishing grounds demolished or inundated with debris, bodies, and plant-killing salt water.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:Earhquake in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia On December 26, , mass destruction and devastation was the result of a large earthquake off of the West Coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

December 2004 earhquake in northern sumatra

The earthquake began in the early morning on Sunday at AM, and wreaked havoc on thousands in the affected areas. The December Earthquake in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia Sarah Loiacano November 16, Geology Section H On December 26, , mass destruction and devastation was the result of a large earthquake off of the West Coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Tsunami wreaks havoc on Southeast Asia

The cause of the tsunami in Sumatra on 26 December which affected the entire Indian Ocean was a very violent earthquake of magnitude on the Richter scale. It was the biggest earthquake ever recorded after the one in Chile on 22 May , with a magnitude of The 26 December earthquake and tsunami resulted in over , damaged or destroyed homes and over , internally displaced people in northern Sumatra.

Reconstruction and recovery from. A powerful earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, on this day in sets off a tsunami that wreaks death and devastation across the Indian Ocean coastline. The quake was the second.

December 2004 earhquake in northern sumatra

On the morning of December 26, a magnitude earthquake struck off the Northwest coast of the Indonesian island of earthquake resulted from complex slip on the fault where the oceanic portion of the Indian Plate slides under Sumatra, part of the Eurasian Plate.

The earthquake deformed the ocean floor, pushing the overlying water up into a tsunami wave.

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