An analysis of memory distortion in people reporting abductions by aliens

Uncovering Memories of Alleged Sexual Abuse: Allegations of recovered memories of sexual abuse have been appearing frequently.

An analysis of memory distortion in people reporting abductions by aliens

Psychology of Aliens The accounts of alien contact and abduction are numerous, yet no evidence has so far been shown which proves that aliens have ever visited the Earth. In the realms of Physics the drake equation has been used to calculate, that it is statistically probable that Extra-terrestrial life does exist in large numbers in the universe.

Without firm evidence to prove aliens have contacted Earth however, human society and cultures still appear comfortable and also knowledgeable of alien appearance and other claims.

This being a man- made construct leads us to ask how and why these beliefs have developed. Memory distortions may be one possible explanation of reported abductions; individuals may be placed into three categories of memory. Clancy, McNally, Schater, Lenzenweger, Pitman, These categories are those with recovered memories of abductions, those who had a belief they had been abducted but did not have any memories, finally those who had denied having been abducted.

The study showed that individuals in the group of repressed memories were more prone than control participants, to show instances of both false recall and recognition. Furthermore to this depressive symptoms and schizotypy features were good predictors, of both false recall and recognition. This can help to show that reliability of reported abductions can be called into question, both because of memory issues and also schizotypy characteristics related to reliability of reported experiences.

The way people may come to believe they have experienced alien contact is sometimes explained by disruptions in R.

M sleep, these disruptions can commonly occur in peoples sleep and can lead to a feeling of immobility and also hallucinations. Psychophysiological responses of people who believe they have experienced a trauma in this study a proposed abduction also show the same responses to those who have actually endured a traumatic experience.

An analysis of memory distortion in people reporting abductions by aliens

McNally, Lasko, Clancy, Macklin, Pitman, Scott, This is in terms of emotional responses may appear to others to validate that they have indeed experienced a traumatic event and misinterpretation of disrupted R.

M sleep may explain the cause of a believed trauma. These experiences and misinterpretations can be mixed with cultural beliefs about abductions to create a false explanation; this is similar to classic human beliefs of the past. Human thinking is often logical but is only as correct as the premises on which it is based, to us medieval beliefs seem utterly confusing and unbelievable yet many of that period had a strong conviction that they had to be true.

This can be similar to the belief in alien abductions and contact, whereby a premise that abductions occur and are also shown in media and in culture can help create false logical paths to beliefs. The changes in the history of the Native American peoples can be seen to contrast and link to the histories of what occurred to that culture during the frontier period.

Panay, Also accounts of Christian demonology are similar to the beliefs of alien and UFO encounters Partridge, In a sense human supernatural beliefs have always been focused around areas of the unknown, for instance explanations of mental illness and disease were once explained with supernatural logic.

As human society entered the unknown frontier of space and in the midst of a cold war, a new alien- space visitor supernatural belief began to boom, from simple writings in books such as war of the worlds to a global belief that aliens and UFOs are present.

That this timing is coincidence is not probable, repeatedly old beliefs are thrown out as beliefs are changed with the findings of new evidence around areas of the previously unknown. So in this respect, belief in alien encounters are more sustained as the probabilities of it occurring are more in the area of reality rather than fantasy.

Saethre, Belief in alien contact around the world appears to be influenced by many factors, there is still no instance of the single factor that would validate these claims i. Just as religion is a belief and verifiable to some because of word of mouth and man-made writings, so too the belief in alien contact seems to be influenced by the same methods based on improbabilities without logical explanations or evidence.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 3, Psychological Science, 15, The Captivity Scenario in American Culture. Division Of Psychology, Identity in Remote Aboriginal Australia.

Social Identities, 13, Therapy techniques used by Dr. Jones included yoga and meditation, dream analysis, visualization, automatic writing, analysis of images in dissociative states, and hypnosis. Several times in therapy, Belinda reported new memories of abuse by her father but doubted whether the memories were true.

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Sections on flashbulb memories are included in most cognitive psychology textbooks, and flashbulb memories are sometimes written about in the popular press (for a recent example, see Tepper, ).

This means that the thesis will be surprising or counterintuitive for a large number of people. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Explore Denise's board "Aliens ~" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ancient aliens, Aliens and Aliens and ufos.

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