A respond to wisemans theory on documentaries as a fictional form

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A respond to wisemans theory on documentaries as a fictional form

He has made approximately one documentary film a year for the past fifty years, some with run times as long as six hours.

His works are often meditations on the subject of power within American institutions, in places such as an asylum for the criminally insane, a public high school, a meatpacking plant, a Miami zoo, a juvenile court, and a Neiman Marcus department store in Texas.

With a skeleton crew Wiseman himself prefers to be on sound, carrying a boom microphonehe works to position his viewer as a witness to what is happening, avoiding mediations such as voice-over narration, interviews, sound tracks, or titles. At least, that is not true for me. Born in Boston on January 1,Wiseman is the only child of the European Jewish immigrant Jacob Wiseman and Gertrude Kotzen, whose family immigrated from Europe just before she was born.

After earning a bachelor of arts from Williams College, he followed his father into law, attending Yale Law School.

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From tohe served in the U. He made his first forays into film with an 8mm camera, shooting his wife in short Parisian scenes.

After two years, the couple returned to Massachusetts, where Wiseman took a position teaching law at Boston University and they had two sons.

I visited him at his editing studio—a top-floor apartment he rents from a friend—on the rue de Dunkerque in Paris.

The space was Spartan: It was in the middle of a heat wave, and a World Cup match had the neighborhood roaring, but we sat in the garden and continued our conversation, undeterred.

A respond to wisemans theory on documentaries as a fictional form

The film will open in New York on October It can take me a couple weeks to get going. I know that once I start, everything else, or practically everything else, is going to be excluded. The first phase is to review all of the material. This takes four to six weeks. I make notes and have a grading system adapted from the Michelin Guide.

Each sequence is given one, two, or three stars—or none. At the end of this first period of editing, I set aside forty to fifty percent of the rushes. I then start to edit the sequences that I might use.

It evolves from studying the material.

A respond to wisemans theory on documentaries as a fictional form

For example, I have to constantly ask myself the question, Why? What is the significance of their choice of words? Why do they look left rather than right? Why does somebody ask for a cigarette at a certain point in the conversation?

Is there any significance to the clothes people are wearing? The edited sequence is a fictional form of the original. Unless I think I understand the original sequence, I cannot make the choice, one, to use it, two, to reduce it to a usable form, and three, to know where to place it in the structure of the film., by Mike Kelley (U.S.A.), two plush animals are engaged in a conversation reflecting on the role which theory plays in Kelley ’s works.

Frederick Wiseman (U.S.A.) created socio-critical documentaries about institutions, which were in part subject to . Mfa syllabi 1, views. Share; Like and the ability use and adapt information to specific projects Have a broad knowledge of the practice, theory and history of the topic plans, schematics) to assist in developing a work Participate in and productively respond to critique of work Contribute to a team, as well as assume.

From the beginning, (if it wasn't straight newsreel, with a clearly stated information function) the documentary film has been perceived as a kind of poor step-sister to the fiction cinema of entertainment - rated as somehow inadequate, as a lesser form (maybe a feminine form) to the bigger brother of drama.

In Wiseman's films where match-cutting is difficult, such elisions often take the form of jump-cuts. If the elision involves a shift the temporal flow is reset to a new time scale. Such cuts often occur between sequences as a . I know the "Wiseman's films are about systems" is a long-bandied about theory that he's apparently never come out and confirmed - and certainly there's no "correct way to see art, even documentaries - but the more I see of these films, the more clear it seems to me that this is what he's really attempting to show us.

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